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Nikki Behr



Nikki initially took a bachelor of commerce degree majoring in business information systems. She thereafter gained a diploma in human resources management and an MBA (in which she achieved three awards).

She has since then had a career particularly in operational and business development. Previous roles have included global talent and capability manager for a major bank; director of a listed health and wellness company with responsibilities for strategic project management, new product development, regulatory management and manufacturing operations; executive search consultant; strategic marketer at a unique-concept, development-based university; and 15 years of management consulting with global consulting groups.

Her strengths are particularly in strategy, systemic and holistic thinking, project management, relationship and business development, and communication.
Nikki was born in South Africa but has lived and worked in Britain and Australia. She has South African and Australian citizenship. She is a yoga Instructor and has interests in nutrition, hiking, cooking and reading.