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Legitimate Leadership Case Studies

The Case studies demonstrate how organisations can be impacted once they start making the shift from TAKING to GIVING. The impact can be characterised by:

  • Improved Legitimacy for Leaders, who are increasingly gaining the support of their employees;
  • Workplaces characterised by Trust;
  • Enhanced Contribution aligned to the goals of the individual and the organisation; and
  • Increased and appropriate Accountability at all levels.

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The Giving vs Taking is a monthly newsletter from Legitimate Leadership

This Newsletter includes, interalia, most recent Case Studies and Articles as well as the upcoming events calendar and feedback on recent events.

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Various Articles are available which detail the Legitimate Leadership principles and serve to inform organisations of the successful implementation of the model.

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Legitimate Leadership provides various links and videos which are aligned to the Legitimate Leadership model and provide means for the discussion and debate of principles.

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