Given the centrality of work in peoples’ lives it is true to say that life at work and life are in intrinsically linked. Our experience of life at work mirrors our experience of life in general. For a disappointing number of people, irrespective of the work that they do, the experience is not positive. Work is not a source of motivation, fulfillment, joy and growth but it’s opposite. Organisations moreover are experienced by those who ‘live’ in them as increasingly inhumane and toxic. At an extreme that “it is killing me to work here”.

Legitimate Leadership believes that one’s experience of life at work is primarily a function of a person’s maturity and personal mastery as a human being. An individual’s life at work is transformed only when they are transformed as a human being.

We enable personal maturity in individuals, who are key to the transformation of the organisation by doing the following:

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We give individuals insight into, and help them to cultivate the key elements of personal excellence necessary for success in life at work and more generally as a human being.

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We help people in organisations deal with and respond to change. We enable peoples’ resilience and adaptability to change.

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