Change Excellence Workshops

Change is endemic in today’s world. That being the case, success both at work and more generally in life, requires the ability to positively deal with and respond to change. That ability has everything to do with our intent, with what we make important to ourselves and what we give attention to.

Legitimate leadership enables people’s resilience and adaptability to change in client organisations through its Change Excellence workshops. Specifically we assist those in leadership positions to both deal with change themselves and assist their people to do so.

Change Excellence Workshops


  • The difference between change and transition
  • Start from where you are now. Where are you?
  • Change Excellence
  • Personal timeline
  • Dealing with unwelcome change
  • The T exercise (past and current change event)
  • Managing Transitions
  • Dealing with loss – letting go
  • Not getting stuck – the gripe to goal process.
  • Responding to Life:
  • Choosing the criteria by which you live your life.
  • Living life according to the criteria.

As human beings we have always experienced change and have found ways to deal with it. The magnitude, speed and constancy of today’s changes however are unprecedented. In today’s world we now live in times of catastrophic change.

Whether or not as people we succeed in these times of uncertainty has everything to do with our intent, with what we choose to make significant to ourselves and consequently what we give attention to.

In any situation which confronts us there are really only two variables at play, what we want to “get” and what we want to “give”. Of the two the one we have control over is what we give, what sits in our hands. The more we focus our attention on what we give or contribute, the stronger and more powerful we become.

In this workshop Legitimate Leadership provides original, simple but powerful tools and frameworks for dealing with and responding to change.

The change issues which are dealt with are those currently confronting the participants in the workshop. The workshop is therefore particularly useful for people whose organisations are making difficult changes which impact on them such as a merger, a takeover, downsizing, decline in profits, exponential growth, the implementation of a major system, or the introduction of new technologies.

Leaders in change situations have a dual responsibility: to model dealing with change and to assist their people to adapt positively to change.