The transformation which Legitimate Leadership enables from taking to giving at work only happens when there are more ‘giver’ than ‘takers’ in the organisation. This transformation ultimately takes place at the level of the individual, one individual at a time. A successful Legitimate Leadership intervention can be gauged in fact by the percentage of those in the organisation who are committed to currently the percentage of people who are truly engaged at work in this low (estimated at one in four or 25%). Legitimate Leadership seeks to dramatically increase that percentage in its clients organisations.

Initially in a Legitimate Leadership intervention the focus is on enabling all those in positions of authority in the organisation to make the shift from being here ‘to get results out of people’ to being here ‘to care for and grow people’. This is achieved through an increasing alignment of leaders, both individually and collectively in the organisation, to the Legitimate Leadership criteria of care and growth.

In due course this transformation needs to extend to those in the front line of the organisation who are here to serve or make a value added contribution to the customer. A Legitimate Leadership intervention is therefore not complete without engaging the will of the majority of individual contributors in an organisation to going the extra mile for those that they are here to serve, be they internal or external customers. We do this by means of the following:

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The unique Grow to Care workshop has been designed to enable the insight that being here to give at work simultaneously cultivates the conditions for success of the enterprise, for building strong teams within the organisation and for transforming me as a person at work. This is achieved by establishing the criteria for excellence in individual contribution there by allowing participants to make different choices about their personal contribution at work.

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