Legitimate Leadership Advisory

The change from Taking to Giving at work which a Legitimate Leadership intervention seeks to effect will not sustain if the organisational context in which people operate is not aligned to or is contradiction to the Legitimate Leadership Behaviours and practices which are acquired by leaders in the workshops, diagnostic and coaching elements of a Legitimate Leadership Intervention.

In the process of working with leaders in diverse organizations over the last 25 years to implement the Legitimate Leadership model we have developed a number of consulting or advisory products/services to help with sustaining or entrenching the Legitimate Leadership principles over time. Client organisations make use of these consulting or advisory products/services on a need to have basis.

The products/services developed by Legitimate Leadership to date are as follows:                        

1. Design of enabling structures

Legitimate Leadership has developed a set of organisational design principles and a design methodology to help client organisations to create organisational structures which stimulate employee contribution, empowerment and accountability. An enabling organisational structure is in fact a key means issue which, if not addressed, can be a significant impediment to employee willingness and performance.

2. Re-Invention of the individual performance management system

Implementing the Legitimate Leadership model often requires a redesign of an organisation’s performance management process because most conventional performance management systems are seriously at odds with the Accountability aspect of the model. Legitimate Leadership assists client organisations to reconfigure their performance management process around clarifying, assessing and reviewing individual contribution in the context of the results to be achieved.

3. Assessment of Legitimate Leadership Leader Potential

The appointment of new leaders is always a challenging process but getting the right people into the right leadership roles is a critical factor in ensuring and increasing leadership excellence in an organisation. Legitimate Leadership supports the process of external and/or internal appointments by assessing candidates conceptual understanding of the criteria for legitimate power, their ability to apply that knowledge to typical leadership situations and critically their will to perform a care and growth, as opposed to command and control, leadership role. The deliverable to the client is a written assessment and recommendation for further development for each of the leader candidates.

4. Legitimate Leadership Application Audit

The deliverable from a Legitimate Leadership Application Audit is a clear and detailed view of the degree to which the Legitimate Leadership tools, acquired during the Application workshops, are being effectively used “on the ground” by individuals and the collective leadership at all levels in an organisation. The information on individual leaders can be used by their immediate manger in coaching and accountability engagements with the individual. At a team and organisational level trends in the data serve to highlight systemic, cultural or structural impediments to the successful implementation of Legitimate Leadership which can in turn then be addressed.

5. Discipline and Reward Systems

Holding people appropriately accountable requires the effective use of discipline / censure / praise / reward / by all those in leadership positions in an organisation. Holding people appropriately accountable is partly a matter of the will and ability to do so. At the same time the company’s formal disciplinary and reward systems can militate, be a positive or negative force, in performing this critical aspect of the Legitimate Leadership role. Legitimate Leadership works with client organisations to align their disciplinary and reward systems to the Legitimate Leaderships principles of accountability.

6. Dealing with Exceptions

Legitimate Leadership has developed a unique methodology – the Leadership Diagnostic – for dealing with both positive and negative exceptions in the business: Organisations reap the greatest dividends from the methodology when it is used to improve a specific aspect of the company’s performance such a safety, quality, service. Legitimate Leadership works with client organisations to apply the Leadership Diagnostic methodology to impact positively on critical KPI’s in their business.

7. Vertical and Horizontal Empowerment

Legitimate Leadership works with client organisations to address the whole issue of inappropriate or excessive control in their business. Legitimate Leadership assists in the implementation of a process for devolving decision making authority and accountability away from the centre and down the hierarchy. It also supports the systematic removal of excessive controls in horizontal business processes to free people up to better serve internal and external customers.

8. Enabling Excellence in Front Line Employees

Legitimate Leadership assists client companies to identify critical frontline roles in their business e.g. sales executive, installer technician, picker etc. They have developed a process for then defining and enabling excellence in that role which can then be used for attracting, developing and retaining exceptional performers in the role.