Legitimate Leadership Application Workshops – Implementing the Legitimate Leadership Model


The Legitimate Leadership Application Workshops are a series of half or full day workshops deployed over a period of time on a drip feed basis in an organisation.

Each Module provides a deeper understanding of a particular aspect of the Legitimate Leadership model and provides leaders with the tools and skills they require in terms of their day-to-day leadership practices.

However they don’t address the question most often posed at the end of the initial one or two day workshops, which is: “What do I DO to implement Legitimate Leadership?”

The Legitimate Leadership criteria actually translate into key leadership tasks for those at different points in the leadership hierarchy.

At the First Line Manager level, the primary Legitimate Leadership tasks are those of knowing and demonstrating concern for individual team members, enabling those who contribute directly to the results to do so, establishing standards of excellence and holding subordinates accountable against them.

In addition to the above, Managers of Managers need to revise their time and attention away from producing outcomes to building others’ capacity to achieve outcomes.

They also need to develop the ability to coach the first line managers who report to them, learn how to deal appropriately with exceptions in their areas, and acquire the skills to turn victims into masters.

Over and above the coaching, diagnosing and counselling tasks required by middle managers, Senior Managers need to establish and teach the benevolent intent of the enterprise to everyone within it and inculcate the Legitimate Leadership values. They need to create enabling structures, align everyone in the organisation to a set of measures which gives them feedback on their contribution, and provide a clear line of sight between individual contribution and results. They also need to institute development discussions which both motivate and empower.

The Application Workshops for each level of management are:

First Line Manager Application Workshops

  1. The True Meaning of Care
  2. Spending Time Appropriately
  3. Empowerment
  4. Clarifying Expectations
  5. Agreeing Contribution
  6. Watching the Game
  7. Enabling Contribution
  8. Enforcing and Raising Standards
  9. Coaching for Excellence
  10. Holding People Appropriately Accountable
  11. Dealing with Exceptions
  12. Building Strong People

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Middle and Senior Manager Application Workshops

  1. Earning Trust Through Care, Time and Attention
  2. Increasing Impact by Clarifying Contribution
  3. Elevating Performance by Assessing, Enabling and Reviewing Contribution
  4. Enabling Human Excellence by Raising the Bar
  5. Cultivating Accountability by Handing Over Control
  6. Delivering a Step Change by Holding People Appropriately Accountable
  7. Building Strong People by Dealing with Victim Mindsets
  8. Enhancing Excellence in Ability Through Effective Coaching
  9. Gaining Legitimacy Through Values Driven Leadership

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Advanced Application Workshops

  1. Building Collaborative Relationships
  2. Coaching the “Why”
  3. Development Discussions which Motivate and Empower
  4. Cultivating Courage in Self at Work
  5. Dealing with and Leading Change
  6. Growing by Growing Others
  7. Designing Enabling Structures
  8. Advanced Application Session
  9. Making Strategy Work

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