Legitimate Leadership Coaching

Providing leaders with the tools and skills they require to care and grow their people is a necessary but not sufficient condition for ensuring that care and growth is the norm or standard for leaders in an organisation.

This is because sustainable change in leadership behaviour is not easy.

One of the forces which can either promote or militate against sustainable behaviour change is social influence.

The influence of others in an organisation is very strong; they can keep individuals and groups rooted in old habits or encourage them to adopt and sustain new ways of behaving.

Legitimate Leadership uses both one-on-one and group coaching as a vehicle for unleashing the positive power of social forces in an organisation.

One-on-One Coaching

Legitimate Leadership cultivates a pool of exemplars in an organisation through one-on-one coaching of select individuals in leadership positions in the organisation. Legitimate Leadership consultants help the leaders they coach to develop excellence in their respective leadership roles, and to effect a transformation in their people, in the organisation’s results, and ultimately in themselves.

The Legitimate Leadership exemplars subsequently act as role models and coaches to other leaders in the organisation.


Group Coaching

Legitimate Leadership facilitates team coaching sessions for small groups (6-8 leaders per group) at regular intervals typically between Application workshops. At these sessions leaders share their experiences and learnings in applying the Legitimate Leadership framework and tools. They both challenge and support each other in making the requisite changes in their leadership. In some client organisations the group coaching sessions become ongoing communities of practice post the formal Legitimate Leadership intervention.