Diagnosing Against Criteria for Powerful Teams

Legitimate Leadership assists organisations to Diagnose Themselves against criteria for powerful teams. It holds up a mirror to individual team members and teams as a whole using the following.
  • One-on-one interviews with team members to solicitor their perceptions of the current state of the team(s).
  • Team excellence questionnaires completed by team members which provide insight to both individuals and the team into their current strengths and weaknesses against the criteria for powerful teams.
  • Customer/service excellence questionnaires which measure how well the team is serving the needs of its customers and which indicate specifically what the team needs to do to enhance its customer driven and contributory behaviour.
  • Facilitated exercises in which teams self diagnose the state of the relationships within and between teams and how these impact on the overall performance of the organisation.

Legitimate Leadership engages teams in the use of one or more of the above diagnostic tools. This step in the Team Excellence process enables clarity by team members and teams as a whole with respect to the changes they need to make in their engagements with each other and colleagues in other teams. It motivates them to take the remedial action necessary to cultivate powerful teams across the organisation.