Introductory Workshops:

Establishing the Criteria for Powerful Teams

Legitimate Leadership works with teams across an organisation to establish an understanding of and commitment to the criteria for Powerful Teams. We engage members of teams in a variety of interactive processes for establishing and testing the validity of Legitimate Leadership’s criteria for team excellence.

The essential difference between powerful and weak teams is the difference between GIVING and TAKING. A powerful team is one where team members give more than they take. A weak team is one where members take more than they give.

Teams succeed therefore:

  • To the degree to which individual members of the team are prepared to suspend their own agendas for the bigger interests of the team.
  • When the average interaction between individuals in the team is collaborative rather than competitive.
  • When members of the team deliberately set up other members of the team to succeed.

This only happens when:

  1. The leaders of the team are here to serve the team members.
  2. The team has a vision or an objective which solicits the intent to contribute.
  3. Each member of the team sees clearly how what they do or give contributes to the team’s objectives.
  4. Interactions in the team are primarily values rather than needs driven.
  5. The significance of each member of the team is affirmed.